About Us

Woodmark is a family owned business founded by Arne Christiansen in 1986 as an importer of upholstered furniture company.

In 1990, to enable Woodmark to promote local Australian production and to offer reductions in price and delivery lead time, this strategic platform was changed from importing to manufacturing.

Followed by the successful changes, in 1994 Woodmark collaborated with furniture designer Charles Wilson to develop a chair design called CW1 Swivel Chair. This started what has now become Woodmark’s established reputation of taking new designs and developing them, ready for market.

Throughout the years, Woodmark has proudly built-up an enviable reputation as an innovative and reliable manufacturer in a discerning market, priding itself for the highest quality and design standards.

Woodmark values beautifully designed furniture and is committed to producing quality pieces for many more years to come, staying abreast of future trends in design and manufacturing techniques.

We specialised in resolving complicated detail. Our employees are trained in difficult and unique cabinet and upholstery techniques creating invaluable expertise in these areas. Woodmark Australia has employees who have been with the company since day one. Their loyalty and contribution over the years have only strengthened Woodmark’s current position.

Woodmark Australia merged with Luxmy Furniture in 2013 and now operates from the Luxmy Furniture factory in Punchbowl with the same team that has made the brand the quality player that it is!